Crafting in Remnant 2 unlocks a world of potential benefits, optimizing your gaming experience and giving you an edge during gameplay. Whether it’s enhancing your weapons, armor, or creating state-of-the-art equipment, crafting is a skill every player should master.

But crafting, especially crafting a unique weapon like the Crescent Moon Bow, can be an unorthodox process.

Overview of Nimue Crafting

Nimue crafting puts you on a journey to acquire the singular Crescent Moon Bow. This process involves finding critical inventory items like Dreamcatcher and Anamy’s Echo, and using them in unconventional ways.

This guide will step you through the process, reveal the secrets to making Nimue fall asleep, and getting your hands on the elusive Anamy’s Echo. Each step brings you closer to crafting the powerful Crescent Moon Bow.

Obtaining the Dreamcatcher Weapon

Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher Weapon Staff
Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher Weapon Staff

The next step in your journey to discover Remnant 2’s Nimue crafting is obtaining the coveted Dreamcatcher weapon. Here’s the detailed process:

Location: Morrow Parish in Losomn

Firstly, head straight to Morrow Parish in Losomn. Make sure this charming little spot is currently active on your map.

Activating the Nightweaver Quest

As you loiter around, you get to kick-start the Nightweaver quest. This is a critical arc that eventually results in winning the Dreamcatcher weapon.

Finding the Nightweaver Stone Doll

Before you can set your bloody battle with Magister Dullain in motion, you need to locate the Night weaver Stone Doll. This item is crucial and gained from opening the prison cell in the basement of the Asylum. The Doll will help you acquire the Dreamcatcher weapon in the latter stages of your quest.

Defeating Magister Dullain

As you move into the basement of the Asylum, a formidable foe awaits. Magister Dullain stands in your path, ready to guard the Dreamcatcher with all his might. Prepare yourself for a heart-pounding battle.

Acquiring the Dreamcatcher

Upon defeating Dullain, you’re rewarded with the sought-after Dreamcatcher Weapon. This staff hits hard and comes attached with a charged attack that slows all opponents, lending you an extra hand in combat scenarios.

The route to Nimue Crafting becomes easier once you have the Dreamcatcher weapon. Tune in to our next blog post to uncover the secrets of Nimue’s Retreat and her role in your crafting journey. Happy gaming.

Making Nimue Fall Asleep

Remnant 2 Nimue Sleep
Remnant 2 Nimue Sleep

In Remnant 2, players are given a unique opportunity to interact with the non-playable character (NPC), Nimue. Here’s a step-by-step guide to progressing the storyline.

Locating Nimue’s Retreat in Losomn

The first step involves finding Nimue’s Retreat in Losomn. This enchanting haven is where Nimue resides, and finding her here is a crucial part of the crafting process. Be sure to explore each nook and cranny of Losomn to track it down.

Randomly catching Nimue sleeping

After finding Nimue’s Retreat, you would need to catch her napping on a random visit. This might require a few visits as she doesn’t sleep often. When you find Nimue asleep, you’re one step closer to crafting the enigmatic Crescent Moon Bow.

Hitting Nimue’s bracelet with the Dreamcatcher

With Nimue in a slumber, this is the perfect opportunity to hit her bracelet with the Dreamcatcher weapon. This action triggers a specific response further propelling the storyline.

Obtaining Nimue’s Dream

After hitting the bracelet, you will collect Nimue’s Dream. This item transports you to an area where you can find the Amamy’s Echo material, needed to craft the Crescent Moon Bow.

Remember, every encounter with Nimue holds potential paths for discourse, dictated by your choices.

Obtaining Anamy’s Echo

Remnant 2 Anamys Echo Location
Remnant 2 Anamys Echo Location

Crafting in Remnant 2 has its unique challenges, and to get the beautiful Crescent Moon bow, you need to obtain the elusive Anamy’s Echo.

Using Nimue’s Dream to teleport to Retreat’s Horizon

Firstly, interact with Nimue while she’s asleep with the Dreamcatcher in hand in her retreat. Perform a light attack when next to her, which will provide you with Nimue’s Dream.

Using Nimue’s Dream will transport you to a serene and mystical realm known as Retreat’s Horizon.

Spotting the blue glowing material (Anamy’s Echo)

Once in Retreat’s Horizon, seek out a distinct blue glow in the distance. This glow is none other than the Anamy’s Echo, a rare material that you will need to craft the Crescent Moon Bow.

Collecting Anamy’s Echo

Navigate towards the glow and collect the Anamy’s Echo. Upon acquisition, you need to safely return to McCabe to transform this gem into the coveted Crescent Moon bow. Be sure to navigate carefully as the realm can be treacherous.

Crafting the Crescent Moon Bow

Remnant 2 Crescent Moon Bow
Remnant 2 Crescent Moon Bow

The Crescent Moon Bow is a powerful weapon, and crafting it from scratch can be a little tricky. Here’s the detailed breakdown.

Returning to Ward 13

After acquiring Anamy’s Echo and the other crucial materials, your first step is to return to Ward 13, the hub of your adventure in Remnant 2. This is where all your necessary crafting and upgrading activities take place.

Talking to McCabe for crafting

At Ward 13, you will need to find an NPC called McCabe. Known for her expertise in weapon crafting, she is the person you need to approach for creating the Crescent Moon Bow.

Keep in mind that besides Anamy’s Echo, you also need 7 Lumenite Crystals and 1000 Scraps to be able to craft the weapon.

Using Anamy’s Echo to Craft the Crescent Moon Bow

After providing the required materials to McCabe, she will create the Crescent Moon Bow using Anamy’s Echo as the weapon’s core. After this process, your new powerful weapon will be ready for whatever lies ahead.

The Power of Crescent Moon Bow

In Remnant 2, a variety of powerful weapons can sway the balance of your battles. Among them, the Crescent Moon Bow stands out as a gem for its power and unique features.

What makes this weapon top most players’ lists is its distinctive mod, known as the Moonlight Barrage.

Unique Mod: Moonlight Barrage

Moonlight Barrage is an empowering mod that works by enhancing the bow for 15 seconds when activated. In this state, all arrows fired from the Crescent Moon Bow apply the Moonlight effect on enemies for a period of three seconds.

Each strike not only deals damage but also releases an essence that restores 5% of your max HP.

Furthermore, the application of Moonlight by the arrows starts a chain reaction that boosts the bow’s fire and reload speeds by 15% for 5 seconds. This means that you’re not only dishing out high damage, but you’re also capable of executing rapid fire and reload, ensuring you maximize your damage per second.

This great combination makes the Crescent Moon Bow a formidable weapon, dramatically increasing the survival odds of aggressive offensive enemies. It’s not only about the damage you deal, but also about the survival and continuity of your gameplay.