WWZ Masking Grenade or Supply Bag

World War Z – Masking Grenade or Supply Bag

The Fixer class in World War Z must choose the Masking Grenade or Supply Bag while surviving the apocalypse. A horde of zombies presents many challenges. If you know what we’re up against it becomes easier to decide what we need to achieve our goals. Ammo becomes a problem when relentless swarms overrun a position. As a Fixer, we support our team. Will they need

WWZ Masking Grenade

World War Z Masking Grenade – Equipment Guide

Stay hidden from the zombie apocalypse by using the World War Z Masking Grenade. With a limited amount of resources, we can choose when to use these very carefully. Only available to the Fixer Class. As a support item, this equipment can be useful to the entire team. This is not your ordinary smoke grenade. Behaves similar to the Stim Pistol from the medic class.

World War Z Stim Pistol

World War Z – Stim Pistol Explained – Medic Equipment

Here is everything you need to know about the World War Z Stim Pistol for the Medic Class. We explain how to keep your team alive with masking and temporary health. As a Medic, it is our job to heal and revive our teammates. Playing this role correctly will increase our chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse. There is also an exclusive perk that increases

Medic Prestige Gun

World War Z Prestige Weapon Guide – New Guns

In the Kill It With Fire update, they released new World War Z Prestige Weapons to unlock. Each gun has a unique skin and modified stats to complement the class they can be used for. All these guns are completely free. Don’t worry. You can keep all your tokens for prestige classes. See our WWZ Prestige Ranks guide for more information about classes. It is

World War Z Flamethrower Weapon

World War Z Flamethrower Weapon – New Gun

Burning zombies with the World War Z Flamethrower weapon is a lot of fun. Introduced with the Kill It With Fire Update. It has limited fuel but will burn everything it touches. The Flamethrower is considered a heavy weapon. We need to pick this gun up in different locations on the map so keep an eye out. We use the Flame-Thrower at 3:26 in the

Onryoki Boss Battle

Nioh Ship Boss Fight – Second Boss Fight in Nioh

Here we explain the Nioh Ship Boss Fight. This game is incredibly difficult for new players. Seen by some as the hardest because the fighting style is still new. The idea of being killed in one or two hits by demons and ghosts forces us to use a certain playstyle. Charging in like Leroy Jenkins, swinging your sword till all our stamina is empty will

Fortnite Harpoon Gun Stats

Fortnite Harpoon Gun Stats – New Weapon Guide

There is a NEW Fortnite Harpoon Gun that was silently released this Tuesday. Previously leaked in a data mine but is now actually in the game. It is believed that the assets were placed in the v11.10 Fortnitemares patch and now players can access it in-game. This is a direct buff over the Fishing Rod. The only downside to the weapon is limited ammo. Once

Wrframe Riven Silver Fragments

Warframe Riven Sliver | Lost Kuva Riven Fragments

In Update 21: The Old Blood, Warframe Riven Sliver was introduced. Cephalon Samodeus created Riven Mods. Kuva Liches have broken down this ancient power into shards and hid them. With enough Riven Sliver, we can rebuild them into their former glory Relics are usually from the void that contains Prime Parts to weapons and Warframes. Now we have a new Kuva variant called Requiem Relics

Fortnite Flaming Rings Dockyard Deal

Fortnite Fire Rings Chapter 2 Locations | Motorboat Jump

Here are the Fortnite Fire Rings Chapter 2 Locations to jump through on a motorboat. Must jump through 3 different flaming rings to complete the challenge in the new weekly Dockyard Deal mission. We have seen this before with land vehicles and airplanes but this time it’s with boats. Lucky for us motorboats in Fortnite also work on land. Using the boost to scale hills

Lua Rescue Hacking Puzzle

Warframe Lua Rescue Mission Shortcut | Best Guide

Rescue the hostage undetected with our Warframe Lua Rescue Shortcut Guide. Zeipel on Lua (earth’s moon) is a unique rescue mission. Requiring us to solve a puzzle, hacking multiple consoles while fighting off enemies before the timer runs out. What if I told you there was an easier way? There are 2 shortcuts into the area where the hostage is being held. These will bypass